Building sites can be dangerous places and your safety is paramount to us. All visitors to our developments must be accompanied by our Sales Consultant or one of our Selling Agents, at all times, who will ensure that you enter plots at the safest point. Our Sales Consultant will provide you with a hard hat and it is essential that you wear this at all times whilst out on site, especially in areas with scaffolding. Our Sales Consultant will also provide you with a visability vest, if required. Please ensure that you are wearing suitable footwear to go on to site. Children under the age of 16 years are not permitted on site.
General: If you wish to enter a plot that is incomplete please ensure that you are accompanied by our Sales Consultant. Please do not go near stacked building materials, excavations or trenches. Drivers of plant machinery often have limited vision so please look out for any moving vehicles and keep to the designated pedestrian areas, where applicable.
Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines. Please follow them at all times for your own safety.
If you have any questions regarding Health and Safety on site please direct them to our Sales Consultant or one of our Selling Agents accordingly.


Sales Department 01959 56 83 85   |   Open 9am to 5pm weekdays excluding bank holidays